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bothered over the no sandy vote? why he should have been angry. i'll explain what they could have voted on but boehner a company said this opportunity help folks. it doesn't help anyone. 8:00 p.m. on fox business network. we march to a different drummer. fair and balanced drummer. find out the story you don't know. word from the s&p rating agency that maintains the rating on the u.s.. they didn't get a lot done and won't effect the outlook now. no tipping of the hand of what moody's will do. but with the debt and spike over the spending cut the triple-a thing i wouldn't bet on. >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling with kimberly
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guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: thanks for joining us for our first show of 2013. my goal this year -- stop it, greg -- is have more fun than any other show on cable news. plen of that for you today. in illinois strip clubs now charge $3 a head and the money goes to charity. true story. hollywood celebs put out a psa on gun control. beckel says diet and for size will kill you. we'll explain that one the clowns in d.c. held us hostage for three months over the fiscal cliff. the u.s. house and senate
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agreed on a plan. after the wrappingalling, horse trading and bab stabbing, what did they come up with? this graph on the left shows the revenue increases. $62 billion. on the right is how much we add to deficit ever year. i call this a fiscal farce. taxes going up. mandatory sequestration wasn't mandatory after all. we've been told another bottle of d.c. snake oil. in the end, president obama got his way, a deal and moments later he boarded air force one and jetted off to hawaii to enjoy the golf, hawaiian ice cream and the body surfing. i open up with you. give you props here. you said it would get resolved. >> bob: where do you think he should go? ubeck stan for his vacation? >> eric: not sure what the
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deal was. >> bob: this is not a grand deal but obama did win. he got what he wanted to get done. in the end, he had less trouble with the caucus than i thought he would. real trouble two months from now when they have a spending problem. only thing they can deal with is entitlements. that is laid town clearly in the caucus. not willing to go along with any alteration in social security. that is a problem. how much infighting there is now among the republicans. >> eric: not much on the table here. >> eric: meaningful spending cut. tax increases through the list, payroll tax holiday expires. tax for people making over $400,000. >> dana: marriage tax penalty as well. higher end marriage penalty added back in that people didn't know about. i would describe it as a bad deal. but not as disastrous as it would have been if there would
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have been no resolving of the situation. president obama didn't get everything he wanted. some things that the republicans got. included technical piece on the alternative minimum tax, which is important as esoteric. the democrats used a lot of use and all of their leverage to get not much in return. 1.7% increase in revenue in ten years. no reforms. they think the tax debate went to their side, because i don't think that is the case. people want spending reform. so thank goodness we have something to talk about in february. >> eric: for 19 years, george w. bush has been vilified for the tax credit by the left. democrats said it's terrible, ruining the economy. 12 years later and president obama says we need the tax cuts. >> dana: this is a victory that the republicans could have tried to shape. they won a decade long discussion about the tax cuts. many senate democrats voted for this deal last night
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actually voted against the bush tax cut. because they said they were only for the rich. now, for 98% of americans, the bush tax cuts are permanent law. permanency is something that he sought early on but he couldn't get it done with the g.o.p. ruling the house and the senate. there are not a lot of tasty morsels -- >> bob: so why do republicans run on the sword of taxes? it wasn't spending. it was on taxes. i don't know why they made at it big deal then. >> dana: i don't know. >> eric: we're getting tweeted and facebook from the right saying what did they do? what did boehner and the right do? >> kimberly: i have to tell you i don't think anybody is happy with the deal with the hardcore political constituencies on each sized. people are displeased. conservatives are upset, saying it opportunity affect the debt ceiling. it doesn't put a lid on the out-of-control reckless
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spending, titlements, all of that. they have to live it with. better than anything. but not what they stood on for principle. that is the problem. >> eric: what happened? literally for months we have been talking about this. last minute late, they decide they have a deal that doesn't seem like anything is changed. freddie paraphrase lance armstrong, one small step for man and one giant step toward greece. it's worse than greece. president obama knows what is happening around the world. but he made it more about him and not about the economy. he wants to transform the economy, for class warfare state sponsored by the successful ends up from cradle to grave supported or dependent on him. the lesson here is emotion, deep thithe help of the media, e
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rich to pay more without asking why. we never had to ask why it's bad for the middle class not to get a tax increase but okay for the rich when the rich in effect hire the middle class. if you ask something like that, you are perceived as heartless. it's the called argument by intimidation. if you say this is -- don't have to defend why they want to raise taxes. all they say to you is you're heartless. victory for dumb people. >> bob: two things, why did they harp on taxes so much if they were going to cave? >> eric: i don't know. >> bob: secondly, how bad is the riff in the republican party? >> eric: very bad. 100%. you are pointing it out. bad riff, especially when cantor and his group votes no and boehner and his group votes yes. house divided. a lot of conservatives watch, and they go to drug import. they put up a poll today should boehner step down or be replaced? i looked and it said 85% of the respondent said replace boehner. it's an issue. issue on the right.
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they have to address it. >> dana: when things don't feel like they are going well, are you satisfied with that particular person? then everyone says no. what is amazing to me of the fiscal cliff, it avoided all the real issues. president obama in his statement last night, one thing he said is we are not going to tax our way out of the entitlement spending problem. why have you not done anything for five years? now he says he is going to try to get more tax increases without being -- with a caucus that says we're not going to do anything on entitlement spending. basically -- oh, i almost said a bad word. pooch. >> dana: by the way, i hear they are taxing dog calendars, which is a great, great thing. by the way, president obama assumes that he treats america like he can throw high taxes, more spending and we've got higher gas prices.
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higher food prices. he calls it a recovery, saying the lib stick on your collar is tomato sauce. the idea is balance. ordering a meat lover's pizza and have a diet coke. >> bob: he does not deal with entitlement. he does not force it through. er thible if for legacy. he has two months to do it. the idea that republicans will -- >> dana: two months? bob that is behind us. will he deal with the entitlement? >> dana: i don't think you can. president bush tried to do the major entitlement reform. not that major but would have made a difference for younger people saving for social security. we went on a six month tour of cities to sell this thing. you can't write legislation like that. >> eric: what bush tried to do --
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>> bob: bush tried to save it for the saving account. this is changing a formula that exists. if they have people and others the left screaming about this tax bill. >> eric: on midnight, the night before, whenever the debt ceiling, and tim geithner decides he is going to run the debt. we are at the debt ceiling now. of today. we're at the debt ceiling. playing with numbers to give us a couple of months. >> kimberly: but this is like the "f" student. take the worst guy and the "f" student showed up twice for class no, clue. held back three times. you solve the problem the night before and try to cram. we are paying them to do this. >> bob: you say entitlement problem is obama's fault.
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>> kimberly: i didn't say that. >> eric: maybe not president obama but it's democrats. this is why americans can't stand what goes on in congress and d.c. saying that we are in the fiscal cliff deal. $400 million for hollywood. $70 billion for nascar. money for electric motorcycle makers whatever that might be. >> greg: these are people that cam papeed through the video and commercials for raising taxes on the average americans or wealthy america americans. what they get now are tax exemptions for the movie industry. so they can make crappy movie. >> dana: promoting gun violence. >> bob: that is not taking the movies to canada.
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>> eric: do we need $1 gallon subsidy for algae growth? >> bob: $70 million for nascar. >> kimberly: i'm for the nascar money. >> greg: have you watched algae grow? >> kimberly: come to my apartment. >> bob: to watch algae grow? >> eric: time to go. coming up, if you are up with of the people who likes to pick up road kill, good news for you. dana is going to explain. later, antigun crowd in hollywood has a public service announcement. mr. gutfeld has an announcement. stick around. [ all ] 3, 2, 1...
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: if you think lawmakers never get anything done, think again. thousands of new laws and regulations went in effect yesterday, including the following. in illinois, it's now perfectly legal for you to pick up road kill from the street or the highway. some people might find that a little disgusting. in concorde, massachusetts, put down your spring water. you cannot have plastic bottles up there anymore. from now on you can only have four cats in your home. what? >> dana: you can't make this stuff up. you can't ban phrases until
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the end of the show. illinois is one of the states that has the worst mention problem. they have time to do all the other laws. including the one you brought up. strip clubs explain. >> they charge patron $3 a head on the way to door and the money will go toward a rain victims domestic abuse and rape victim charity. that is well and fine. >> kimberly: don't you pay to go in there anyway? >> bob: this is great. a good idea. >> kimberly: so on top of it? $15 to $20. >> greg: i disagree completely. >> bob: good way to get revenue. domestic abuse is important. they cutted the budget for it. for people who go to strip clubs, of course aren't me but
2:18 pm
they -- >> greg: but you attach two things that aren't related, domestic abuse and rape issue to strippers. there is a weird thing. you are taking money out of the workers' hands or garters because you take a money out of a man's pocket used for the women. it links strip club to rape. feminists should be outraged about. it blames the victim, to imply if you strip you're more likely to be attacked. >> bob: study after study shows those who go to strip club, there is more sex crime. >> kimberly: where do you get this? >> bob: i read this in our research. >> dana: talk about the road kill one. >> bob: you cook it. >> dana: there was health and safety reason you weren't able to do it before. imagine you make it to the house in illinois and this is the law you put in place.
2:19 pm
freddie hooray for obama -- >> greg: hooray for obama's america. cooking food on the streets. it's also banning stealing cooking oil. we can cook road kill but against cooking it in cooking oil. this is bam boom's america. i'm moving to hawaii. >> eric: it's ill. you can't fish for shark in illinois. that is a law. >> kimberly: you can't sell the shark fin. >> dana: in concorde, massachusetts, you can't have the plastic bottles. >> greg: horrible for truckers. never mind. >> bob: first. a lot of laws are in response to things that change. the internet and other things that happen. >> dana: road kill? >> bob: there is more road
2:20 pm
kill. a lot more poor muskrats around. >> kimberly: this is the first time there is major preparation by bob to the trip club section. i'm thrilled. >> bob: there are a lot of things in here. ministers of california don't have to perform same-sex marriages. i think that is a step in the right direction. the kittens i like. to away with that. one would make me happy. cats are a pain. >> greg: that is why you like cat ladies. they're the rec center for farrell animals. instead of them being over the neighborhood they stay in one place. >> bob: wait until they get in heat and get all the kittens here. >> eric: the california law that ban dogs. >> kimberly: you can't hunt, bears and bobcats. >> dana: that must have happened.
2:21 pm
someone use their dog to hunt bear or bobcats. as a responsible dog owner i don't think it's the way to utilize the dog. >> bob: going after bears, that is not a bad law. would you send your dog after a bear? >> eric: there are hunting dogs that track down -- >> bob: yours isn't a hunting dog. >> greg: did you -- >> dana: did you ever have a motorcycle? >> greg: no. >> dana: did anybody else? bob had one. did you try to pop a wheelie. >> bob: i did and i fell backwards. >> dana: you are the reason in illinois you're not allowed to pop a wheelie anymore. >> greg: it used to be if you flashed lights to warn drivers that cops -- >> bob: that is a good law. >> greg: but now it's legal. >> bob: they allow you to flash your lights around warn about cops and they're against it. flash a light and have a sign saying cop back there.
2:22 pm
>> eric: sounds like someone with experience in that. >> bob: so what? you should be able to warn people. >> dana: when you are a prosecutor and january 1 runs around, rolls around do you have to study the new laws to be up to date? >> kimberly: some of them are obscure and you leave it to misdemeanors. we have big fish in felonies. >> dana: did you have to deal with someone picking up road kill? >> kimberly: no. but i'm hoping to. >> bob: did you bring evidence to court? >> kimberly: yes, bob. >> greg: employers can't ask for social media pass word from job applicants. if you want to read their facebook page, you can't do that. >> bob: good. why should they have a right?
2:23 pm
>> greg: what if you hire somebody that they have no idea what they do online is crazy? >> bob: so what? >> greg: i agree. >> kimberly: we're over tim time. >> greg: what about kentucky? releasing farrell and wild hogs is illegal in kentucky. >> eric: no. c'mon. >> greg: i just found out saturday. >> dana: when we come back, big name celebs are in a psa to demand a plan for end to gun violence and pushing for more regulation. is that a good idea? we'll debate it next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: as you know, some put on the thoughtful voice to take the gun control ad and they demand that you demand something be done. fine. i get the feeling that's where the thoughtfulness ends. for them, getting serious about an idea is work. concept most are unfamiliar with, but which they say send it back to therapy. now gun rights group hit back with this video.
2:28 pm
>> columbine. [ gunfire ] >> newtown. [ gunfire ] >> newtown. >> newtown. >> how many more classrooms. >> i can understand why people like that. >> demand a plan. >> kimberly: i mean seriously. >> greg: thank you. the message where would the puppets be without guns? if it weren't for the fantasies of death and mayhem, half of the folks would be selling smoothies on sun set. i'm sure they will tell you the art has no influence on you, which must tick advertisers off. who spend billions hoping they influence society to hire jokers to tell the stuff. maybe they should stop. if hollywood dismisses the influence why do they persist in putting out the message film? steep in antibusiness, pro-green trite, or the psa s? i guess only the messages matter if it scores them a seat on leo's private jet.
2:29 pm
they have let the rest of us know who the self-important drones are. i can't wait until the kids get the actors replaced with holograms. were you paying attention? >> kimberly: i was. i have the chills, thanks to you. >> greg: i did get you sick. >> bob: spent the night. >> kimberly: in the satellite truck. district they took about -- >> greg: they took the actors and actresses with the violence and the gun. >> kimberly: i got it. it saw it. listen, i got it, i got it. cameron, the whole group. when are we going to learn about it. right. i get it. it's hypocritical. what is the message here? maybe they should give back their paycheck for making violent movies and donate them to people who are armed to protect student misschool. >> greg: good point. >> kimberly: any presentation has be
2:30 pm
note-worthy and is concluded. >> greg: i like that someone is calling hollywood out using their glib language and the clever editing. seven you disagree with it, nice to see it. >> bob: national rifle association -- freddie that wasn't them. >> bob: whoever did this. they did that for movies. what they say what they believe. which movie doesn't have guns. it was a chief attack. did you notice the name of the gun group that paid for that? i didn't notice it because coward's won't put their name on it. >> eric: remember the segment we talk about the new law in illinois, $3 ahead on the strip club goes to domestic abuse. how about $3 ahead for movie theaters for violent film and go victim of violence. >> greg: the motion picture companies every time there is a gun there is a money --
2:31 pm
>> kimberly: surcharge. >> greg: yeah. gun safety. >> eric: if you go after the movie-goer like if you go after the strip club goer it changes how people think about it. the tragedy, rahm emanuel said don't let a good crisis go to waste. they want to use this for their own cause. when they published names of the permit holders for gun. they use it to promote the liberal -- >> eric: what do you footprint to do about it? >> bob: more kids will get shot down. >> eric: nothing good game of that. you outed names with people with guns and a lot could be peace officers or those who own guns to keep the peace but you outed people who don't have guns. >> bob: if they have guns in their house with permit they
2:32 pm
should be outed. >> greg: people who should be worried are the none gun owners. the paper now has security. armed security in front of their, in front of their building. >> bob: that says a lot >> greg: they're hypocrites. >> eric: that is -- >> dana: that is what i like about it. it takes their words and their movie. ask for a criminal background check for every gun in america. okay. it could be for that. more common ground. >> bob: they should do it at gun shows. they don't do it there and they should. i don't know why gun show guys don't allow criminal background check. >> eric: outside of d.c., they have the most strict gun
2:33 pm
control laws in the country. crime rate jumped and murder rate jumped 23% last year. 70% of murders in chicago, victim were african-americans. 87% of victims of murders in chicago are minorities. is more gun control racist? >> eric: no. >> bob: this is drug wars. you can't equate that with people getting killed on elementary school in connecticut. the people who threatened the newspaper, they are thugs that got their name publisheded and now threaten people with the guns. >> greg: they were minding their own businesses and the name was put in the paper with the purpose to be harassed. now that the building is using the security, reflects the
2:34 pm
hypocrisy of the general who proselytize over guns while being armed. >> eric: one more point. they weren't making any point. the only point is here are people with permit for handguns. there was no point to that article. >> eric: if you're right and the -- >> bob: if you're right and the guns deter crime, it should be published every day. >> eric: what is the point? >> greg: if they published my address and said i had guns i would be safer. >> eric: are they trying to equate people with people -- >> bob: they're trying to do one thing and that's talk about it. >> kimberly: we are talking about it. >> greg: using facts and not using emotion. >> dana: not going well for the left.
2:35 pm
i like it. >> greg: chicks libe emotion. has it gone too far with the paparazzi? photographer trying to take pictures of justin bieber. we'll have details next. a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg.
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say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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i'm bret baier in washington. big story here, huge fight over is up me tall for victims of hurricane sandy. some say it was loaded with pork. tempers flared and a vote is expected friday. they are out thing fiscal cliff win for the middle class. republicans want spending cut and seem ready for next fight.
2:39 pm
what does capitol hill look like now? and hillary clinton treated for a blood clot to her brain has beenbe seen outside the hospital but has not been discharged. we look at her recovery. and constitutional law professor that wants to tear up the constitution. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: tragic accident with pa paparazzi. photographer is dead after trying to get a picture of justin bieber. he was struck by oncoming traffic after taking picture of bieber's ferrari on a highway in l.a. as it turns out, bieber wasn't in the car but his friends,
2:40 pm
were. he was hit by a different vehicle after making his way back to his own car. in a statement today justin bieber says hopefully the tragedy will inspire meaningful legislation and steps to protect the lives and safety the celebrities, police officers and innocent bystander and the photographers themselves. obviously, this is sad. i take too many of these cases. in los angeles we heard about them all the time. >> eric: what can you do? is there any other than pulling people over for speeding? california is a state that says don't pursue the hig high-speed pursuit? >> kimberly: call it off. >> eric: there is no answer. if a whacko po pop razzy follows him around going 100, it's
2:41 pm
pathetic but people will get hurt. >> bob: bieber disappeared. by he disappeared. >> kimberly: where are you getting this? >> bob: i read my research. >> kimberly: where are you getting this? >> bob: the car was pulled over. >> kimberly: he wasn't in the car. >> bob: maybe somebody else was driving. the cops pulled him over and the guy came over and sent him across the street two times to tell him to get out of the way. the second time he got hit. the point is if you allow yourself in that danger, it's to pursue the pictures -- maybe you shouldn't be i lowed to sell them. that's against the constitution. but this is, what they do to people. and the pressure under -- look at eric. he is chased by paparazzi all the time. >> greg: that is paa john's.
2:42 pm
bieber has a ferrari? that is like dan ab owning a chain saw. jimenez is serious. i don't see how he reaches the pedals in that. you to be long legs and be tall. i drove one in a commercial. not that easy. >> greg: she takes that and turn it in a short joke against me. >> kimberly: well played. >> greg: the people who buy the magazine that buy the people that are taken by the photographers are sanctity moanous. so until they stop reading "us weekly" or "the star" shut up. this is the way it will be. like the editors at the fashion magazine talk about how skinny the models are, and how terrible it is, but they only want skinny models. >> eric: don't you think they should be to purdue -- >> greg: the paparazzi hire members of gangs to do their work because they will climb the fences dand dirty work
2:43 pm
they won't. they do crappy stuff. >> dana: i don't think there is anybody in hollywood worth risking your life over. i understand he's probably a great photographer. >> greg: broken myier? >> dana: what? >> kimberly: you said that justin bieber fled the scene in a car. like tmz breaking news or something. >> eric: there was an hour before saying he saw justin bieber lighting up weed in the car and he pursued him and he'd have a huge story. he thought there was a big story behind this. >> dana: but the first reaction is there ought to be a law. law against what?
2:44 pm
>> dana: the celebrities if they're not "people oughts're "us weekly" they manufacturer something to go to target and they happen to be shopping there, but they're really famous. >> bob: they expose themselves. look at greg, he exposes himself on the roof of the building to get the pictures in "us." >> greg: you know what? i got to say, what a way to go, though. to die, taking a picture of bieber. sucks. >> kimberly: they make a ton of money. think about the guys that get the pictures of lindsay lohan. they make thousands of dollars. make $200,000 easy with the photos. because it's carried internationally. >> eric: what did they get for the princess naked one -- >> bob: i don't have time for this. career counseling or training for job. >> eric: can i ruin the day right now. you know what the most sought after picture will be?
2:45 pm
kim kardashian and kanye west. dabs if we talk about -- >> dana: if we talk about that pregnancy. i'll freak out. oh, my goodness. >> kimberly: come to me, come to me. newier's message for people who likebe to diet and exercise. he says it's going to kel you? beckel's medical advice. it bet you can't wait. feast your eyes on this. [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®.
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only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®.
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: that is the most important segment of the show. there is a survey out, research study of 2 million people saying if you're overweight you will live longer. it contend this my entire life. exercise and diet are overrated. in fact, they'll kill you. if you think about it, people who exercise a lot, people who run in marathons. why do that, right? you are only going to get -- >> kimberly: help me now. >> eric: it takes ten months to to it. stair master, another one. if you're on the stair master you don't get anywhere. you just watch lousy tv show. the wind sprints i understand why antelope has to do a wind sprint against lion because the lion will kill him. but why do it otherwise? this comes down to the point. god gave you certain amount of breaths don't waste it
2:50 pm
exercising. exercise gives you arthritis. you already going to get it. be a little overweight and live longer and happier and don't go to the gym. there you go. >> greg: i agree. i was the editor of "men's health" and fitness editor for prevention magazine. there is truth to what you are saying. my theory is when you -- if you exercise 30 minutes in your mid-30s it adds 30 minutes of life at the bottom end of your life. who wants that? the tradeoff isn't fair. enjoy the 30 minutes in your 20s and 30s than tack it on at 87. >> dana: is that why you left, you thought it was bogus? >> greg: i worked out three hours a day. >> kimberly: you photo shop your abs. >> greg: those were my abs. my abs had abs. and they had biceps.
2:51 pm
>> bob: in washington a big deal. they have the big crowds and block off the street and wear the euro trash outfit and look at you with great distapism want to drive them off the road. >> dana: exercise to me has a benefit for your mind. only way the human body gets rid of stress is work it off. that's good why it is good to walk or go to core fusion. >> kimberly: indoor court and hot tubbing are stress relievers. >> eric: slightly overweight. >> bob: obese doesn't help you. >> eric: so if you are a little overweight you work out and keep yourself in shape. so you are healthier. i love working out. i run four times a week and do push-ups every morning of my life. >> dana: push-up are the
2:52 pm
best exercise you can do. >> greg: you do it over a mirror. >> kimberly: he is like this. "god you look good." [ laughter ] >> bob: kimberly and i know that sex burns 600-calories an hour. >> kimberly: why do you say we know this? freddie burns $1600 an hour. -- freudian slip. >> greg: that the beckel institute. >> kimberly: you dragged me in to that. >> bob: it's good for you. limbers you up, when you run think about it. it hurts the joints and stuff. >> dana: the most important thing is if you fit in your jeans. to me that is the most. >> bob: vastly overrated. up with more thing is next. >> kimberly: you already maligned my reputation. ♪
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>> eric: welcome back. time for one m thing. dana kicks it off. >> dana: i had resolutions for mentoring group. five for this year. find this article on take a road trip. i love asking for book-relatedations. it asked greg for his and butt them away. stop saying, "like." that is bob's favorite one of the list. two good news e-mails a week. not just to the boss. surprise people with hellos. five easy things to. do you don't have to lose weight. good for you. >> kimberly: surprise someone on a text or cell phone? >> dana: where? >> kimberly: how do you surprise them. dabs walk town the street, you know how many people you say during the day working and
2:57 pm
servicing the street or something -- working. washing the windows and you walk by and say hello. it surprises them because they hardly get -- >> kimberly: i do it all the time. >> kimberly: i love to see the look of surprise. you can't say anything here anymore. >> greg: those are five tips to make someone annoying more annoying. hey surprise somebody by saying hello. that only works if you like the person. >> dana: not true. freddie send happy e-mails. i don't want happy e-mails. leave my alone. >> kimberly: plug for the "joy of hate"? you are always on the hate. you brought it up. >> greg: "joy of hate."
2:58 pm
what was mine? i was going to bee ban phrase. >> kimberly: "red eye." freddie it's back on after a -- >> greg: it's back on, i'm going to bed. i'm sick as a dog and on more cough medicine than kimberly and sleep for 24 straight hours and be back here. >> bob: dana had a good point about kim kardashian. you have mention her and her baby, right? >> kimberly: she is pregnant. >> bob: i don't care. i made a prediction, what i said last year was i hope we never refer to this woman again. congratulations for getting pregnant, whoever the old man is. >> kimberly: kanye west. >> bob: i don't know what that is. fine, i'm glad you could do it. have a nice baby. but somebody i want to add on the list not saying anything this year. i will get to like you a lot if you just not say anything. donald trump.
2:59 pm
democra >> kimberly: that is impossible. >> bob: you never know. >> kimberly: i like to hear what he has to say. >> bob: that make sense. >> eric: we are fans. >> kimberly: he is interesting and entertaining. i have a study. women down booze faster than men. >> bob: what? >> kimberly: booze. women drink faster like this. if they are out having drinks, men can drink more, but they don't get as intoxicated as women the way the body processes it. but i thought this is interesting. ladies tend to drink fast. >> dana: yeah, we have stuff to do. >> greg: the voices get high and the laughter gets annoying. drunk girl at a bar is the worst thing. >> dana: i agree. >> kimberly: at a university in spain clearly the best university to go to the world because you can participate to studies like this

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